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The best guide in understanding Asset Progression

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

best guide to Asset Progression by Sufy Beetsma

Before we embark on the Asset Progression journey, we must first understand the big why and what of Asset Progression.

Why do we need to embark on Asset Progression?

Grab your popcorn and watch the video below to understand the big WHY behind Asset Progression.

So what is this Asset Progression all about?

Asset Progression is a term used to describe a property investment strategy that helps homeowners like yourself grow their property portfolio.

Asset Progression can be done in several ways:

By acquiring the right property, you'll be able to build up a good retirement fund for your golden years. As you would have already known by now, the way to secure a comfortable retirement is in understanding where you should be putting your hard-earned money into. By making sound investment choices, you are on the right track in achieving financial freedom.

As Christopher Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Providend puts it, “Real estate is an asset class that can give both income and capital growth.

To put it simply, acquiring property(ies) is akin to forced savings. If you have a house mortgage that pays down principal and interest, the mortgage “forces” you to save because you will have to pay your mortgage every month if you want to keep your property. A percentage of each mortgage payment goes towards the principal. So it is akin to you putting your money in a 'savings' account that is more superior to that of the bank. Why? Cause real estate allows you to grow your money far greater than the interest that banks yields for your savings with them. It is also a safer asset class than other forms of investments, such as stocks as it is not dependent on the current market conditions. So even with sudden inflation, a bad financial crisis or a pandemic, real estate is an asset class that is resilient and can withstand such situations.

So in a nutshell, real estate is an asset class that helps you hedge against inflation as well as allowing you to grow it, all while enjoying an upgraded lifestyle. Talk about having the cake and eating it too!

And if you decide to grow your property portfolio and acquire multiple properties, then you can easily attain passive income as well. So as you can see, asset progression is a great way to help you grow your wealth systematically.

If you are keen to know more about how you can start growing your wealth systematically, get in touch with me and I'll help you out.

So now that you know what Asset Progression means, it is time we bust some Asset Progression myths!

Misconceptions about Asset Progression

As the term “progression” suggests, it is a gradual asset growing process that takes time and considerable planning. It is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme that can fetch a sudden windfall overnight. Asset Progression really requires careful research and even years of strategizing.

asset progression guide by sufy beetsma realtor

That is why it is important to engage someone you know you can trust and who will have your best interest at heart. It is beyond just the basic service of buy and sell, it involves extensive market and property research, portfolio planning, timeline strategizing and thorough financial calculations.

Gone are the days where people are set about paying off their housing loan as soon as they can or trying to shorten their loans so that they can have a carefree retirement. With greater information available in today’s day and age, people are more investment savvy. They are aware that they should make the property work for them instead of working for the property. So with this shift in mindset, so should our strategy.

And when it comes to Asset Progression, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Every situation differs and it is important to do a property assessment before executing your property plans.

asset progression strategy by sufy beetsma

The Asset Progression Strategy

Once you've decided that you are going to embark on Asset Progression, it is important to obtain clarity on your objective. You can do so by doing a quick clarity test.

So as you know, Asset Progression can be grouped into 4 different objectives: Lifestyle, Investment, Performance, and Space, or short for LIPS. So ask yourself which is your current objective before you start exploring your options for your Asset Progression journey.

  1. L - Lifestyle: Upgrading from an HDB flat to an EC/Condo

  2. I - Investment: Upgrading from an EC/Condo to multiple Condos

  3. P - Performance: Upgrading from current condo to another better performing Condo

  4. S - Space: Upgrading from one HDB flat to a bigger HDB flat

As you can see, Asset Progression can be done in either a single property upgrade or via the acquisition of multiple properties. And different people embark on the Asset Progression journey differently. So it is important to do a proper analysis of your needs as well as to study your numbers carefully before taking that step forward.

Now that you've gotten a rough idea of your objective, it is time to study the numbers.

How do you even start on Asset Progression?

If you currently own a property, follow this list:

  1. Check the value of your property. Get a personalised home report for your property. For a complimentary home report, click here.

  2. Next, it is crucial to extract all the numbers before you even start exploring your options for your next property. Property asset progression is a numbers game, so it is important to understand your numbers before all else. When you are armed with all your numbers, it is time to start exploring your options. Here's a list of figures that you need to have ready before you start searching for your next property:

    1. Current Outstanding Loan

    2. Income (monthly)

If you have yet to start on your property journey, this first move is crucial as it determines your ability and capability for the next property. So always have the end in mind and reverse engineer to ensure that your first step is the right one for you. Similarly to those who currently have a property, it is important to have these numbers ready:

  1. Income (Monthly)

Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more bite-sized info on commonly asked property questions.

If you wish for a carefree retirement and are keen to maximise your returns on your property, simply reach out and I’ll help you through this process.

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